AutoRepair Know How: How To Check Your Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of an engine.
What happens to an engine without oil?
1: Internal engine parts will rub together instead of gliding on a film of oil.
2: This rubbing wears away at the metals and causes heat.
3: Lack of oil can quickly destroy an engine.

Check your oil on a regular basis!

To check your oil follow the steps below.
(Turn Off Engine)
1: Pull the hood release under the drivers side of the dash.
2: Lift the hood slightly and slide or lift the second latch mechanism.
3: Open the hood. If the vehicle does not have automatic hood supports you will need to find the metal hood prop to keep the hood open.
4:If you don’t know where the dipstick is check the owners manual.
5: No owners manual? look around the sides and front of the engine.
6:Remove the dipstick (usually Yellow) and wipe it off. Insert the dipstick back in, remove again and look for the oil level. the dipstick will have 2 marks often marked min and max. If the oil level is between the marks its safe.
7:If the oil is below the Min mark you’ll need to add oil. The oil fill cap will be around the top of the engine, Again the owners manual will help you find it.
8: Determine the right oil. The correct oil is sometimes marked on the oil fill cap
The owners manual will also give you the recommended oil.
9: Pour 1/4 of the quart of oil in and wait for a minute. Check the level again. Follow step 6 to check level.
10: If oil level is still below Min add another 1/4 quart. Check level again. Repeat this until the oil level is safely between the Min and Max levels.

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