Buying A Used Car

Do you know what vehicle you want to purchase?
Step 1 in preparation for finding a good dependable used car.
Know what vehicle will serve your purpose and is generally a good vehicle.
(Tip) Check consumer reports. They publish a used car buying guide that I highly recommend. It lists cars to avoid and some that are a good bet. The magazine is quite detailed and is a great guide for buying a used car. I won’t buy a used car without referring to the used car buying guide and I’m an experienced Auto Technician.
(Caution) You can Google the vehicle you are interested in and see what others are saying about it. Just remember people are quicker to complain then praise. I don’t put too much confidence in internet chatter unless it comes from a reliable source.

Check, and for estimated value of vehicle.

Tips on buying a used car with checklist.
(Available In Google Search “Car Inspection Checklist”)
This is not an all inclusive list for buying a car, but it is useful information you can use when purchasing a vehicle.

Be sure to have your car inspected by a local shop before purchase.
Don’t believe what the used car dealer says about his car mechanically, Remember his shop works for him.

Try everything in the vehicle to make sure it works.
Test drive it and listen for any unusual sounds. Does it drive and shift smoothly?

Take a notepad and write down anything that doesn’t feel or look right so you can mention that to the shop when you have it looked over.


I hate that this has to be said but Buyer Beware !

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