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I finally have a mechanic I can trust! Jeff always provides the best,most reliable service and he always tries to save me money. I just love the "pick up& deliver" service too. Debby

Deborah Robinson    May 12, 2009  

I live in Northern Sullivan County. I drive down to have Jeff work on my pickup truck. At 62, I have used many mechanics. His Knowledge, Workmanship and Honesty is second to none. Nobody works on my truck but Jeff!

Warren Palmer    June 13, 2009  

Great service. This kind of customer service will make you successful

R. B.    May 11, 2009  

As a customer, I greatly appreciate the depth and breadth of Jeff's technical knowledge. His expertise, commitment to providing superior customer service at reasonable repair prices and an innovative pick up and delivery approach set "Fetch and Fix" far apart from traditional auto dealer service departments and independent repair shops.

Patrick Morabito    May 25, 2009  

I chose Fetch & Fix because of honesty and he is willing to help. I am completely satisfied.

Donald Lane    January 30, 2014  

I live in Scranton PA. When we drive our car down and leave it in town Jeff picks it up does the work and I'm all set. I have never dealt with a mechanic this experienced and 100% trustworthy until we met Jeff with Fetch and Fix. Incredible customer support, quick turn around, and very thorough. 5 stars on this guy!! Oh also I get all my AMSoil from him all the time. This company is a diamond in the rough

Michael Jackson    October 28, 2009  

Very Reliable Shop. It takes the worry out of my repair experiences. Just keep doing what your doing.

Debby Robinson    October 19, 2013  

my wife and are were visiting from UTAH and while in Port Jervis NEW YORK, my 2007 dodge 3500 diesel truck started running poorly. It was suggested by LOCALS to call Jeff at FETCH AND FIX. We did and surprisingly he showed up in about 20 minutes---AWESOME. He plugged in his diagnostic computer and found out that a fuel injector had stopped working. We left the truck with him and in a few days parts and labor were complete. He even arranged to meet us partway to were we could pick up our truck. IT'S HARD TO FIND AN HONEST REPUTABLE MECHANIC ANYWHERE especially REASONABLY PRICED. I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE. TRUCK RUNS GREAT ...THANKS JEFF

larry and lori woodson    April 8, 2014  

I couldn't be happier with quality & level of Jeff's service. if there is a way to improve customer service I don't know it.

John Bullis    January 21, 2014  

I met Jeff and Judee at a Chamber networking event about 5 years ago and was intrigued with the "Fetch and Fix" concept. I thought this was a great convenience for busy working folks, such as myself. But once I tried his service out I saw that this is not just a great concept but Jeff and Judee both are great people that I trust enough to send my kids to when they started to drive. I know that he won't take advantage of the less experienced driver and is very fair with his prices. Thanks guys for being there for me and my family!

Robie Mackerley    September 5, 2013  

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