Tire Rotation

Why do you need to rotate tires?

Each vehicle has 4 tire positions, and each tire will wear differently depending on circumstances.
The front tires will wear faster as they are turning as well as rolling.
Any worn components will make that tire position wear faster.

All four tires may wear differently.
By rotating your tires, each tire will experience the wear factors of each tire location.
This will extend the life of the tires and give you the opportunity to inspect your tires every 6,000 miles or so.
If abnormal wear is found early the worn component can be replaced and tire life saved.

Alignments are also very important. The most common problem I see is tires wearing out on the inner or outer shoulder. If the tires are not aligned straight ahead as you take the corner the tire will actually skid and that wears the rubber off prematurely.

Follow the pictures below to set a standard for tire rotation.Some tires are directional and can only be rotated front to back.
(The tire will say directional on the side wall.)

Front4rotate rear drive

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